MindfulWay Counseling Services is an evidenced-based, private practice specializing in mindfulness and acceptance-based psychotherapy. At MindfulWay, we believe  the goal of living a  meaningful life is attainable despite the many challenges we face in our personal, family, social, and work life. Not to mention the health challenges that many face day-to-day. 

In our work together, we will identify what you most value in life, your goals for achieving the life you want, and the barriers that interfere with living the life you envision for yourself. 

MindfulWay appoaches the change process from the viewpoint that you already possess all that you need to live the life you  you have always wanted. When you come to Mindful Way, you will learn to face life's difficulties with grace and equanimity while taking committed action in the service of what you most care about in life.